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Regal Pest Control technicians are fully licensed and trained to remove the skunks on your property. Skunks can cause property damage and can also endanger people and especially pets, who have a tendency to chase after them.

By contacting our wildlife management professionals, you are doing more than simply removing the skunks on your property. A professional uses the correct bait (which minimizes the chance of catching neighborhood pets and other non-target wildlife), the correct traps (using a large enough or small enough trap to ensure effective trapping and the safety of the skunks trapped) and removes the skunks in the appropriate way.

The Regal Process

Our five step process to remove the skunks on your property.



There are a variety of reasons why skunks den on your property or around your home or structure. Every quality service begins with a thorough initial inspection. Our technicians will look for any environmental or construction issues that may allow access or that could contribute to the present or future skunk problems you may be having.



After our initial inspection, our technicians will assess all reasonable solutions and will review the approach we’re recommending to resolve the issue. Our technicians will go over the scope of our service and will answer any questions you may have regarding the removal of the skunks and the exclusion services we can or cannot offer.



Live trapping is the preferred method for removing the skunks on your property. Live traps are designed to capture the skunks without physically harming them. These traps work by using a trap door or gate which is propped open. The door or gate is tripped by the skunk stepping on the trigger-plate, which is located in-between a non-poisonous bait and the trap door or gate. 



Follow up services are scheduled to check the traps for any wildlife caught or to rebait, reposition or to add additional traps as needed. We typically conduct five services total for our live trapping services. Service visits are spaced 24 hours apart to minimize the amount of time that the wildlife is in the trap. 



There are instances where we can install materials to temporarily exclude entry-points after trapping services have been conducted. However, we always determine whether we can or cannot offer this service at your location by conducting an on-site initial inspection.  There are instances where we will not be able to close off entry-points as it may be more appropriate for a licensed contractor to offer you that service.  

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Skunks Habitats on Your Property

Skunks can inhabit a variety of areas on your property. The following are common areas where skunks may be found.


hollow logs

leaf piles

wood piles



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Frequently Asked Questions

Skunks are nomadic and can run routes throughout neighborhoods. Just smelling or seeing a skunk isn’t always an indication that a skunk is denning on your property.

There are preventative steps you can take to prevent skunks from denning on your property. Make sure that there aren’t any gaps under sheds or decks. Make sure that garbage cans have tight fitting lids, make sure to not leave pet food outside and make sure that rodent issues are addressed.

Yes. All of our technicians are licensed through the State of Michigan. Many of our technicians carry several different categories on-top of their base certification.

Yes. All of our technicians are fully insured.

Other than smelling a skunk, one of the signs of skunk activity is seeing small divots in your yard. This will often be described as if someone made several divots with a golf club/wedge.

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